Good Doers Party
Print Materials ONLY

$10 per Material Pack

Pay $10 per material pack and you will receive products with The PEG Effect logo.

These are the essential items needed to building the Good Bag Mobile.

    • Toothbrush
    • Reusable Water Bottle
    • Inspirational Booklet
    • Labels
    • Green Bag

Here is a list of the remainder of items you will need to have a complete Goodie Bag Mobile. The size of the products is extremly important because each bag allows for 1 month of care.

    • Deodorant (3.8 oz)
    • Toothpaste (8 oz)
    • Wipes (we recommend the Kirkland brand because of the amount of wipes per bag)
    • Feminine Care Products (we recommend both tampons and pads. Each bag needs 11 tampons and 10 pads. Reason for this specific amount is the average woman uses 20 tampons per cycle.)
    • Granola Bars/Snacks