We Live to Inspire You.

Just as it is important to give, it is important to take care of self. We provide inspiration for mind, body and soul through our “GOOD DOings” Campaigns and Motivational Monday posts that help reinvigorate the power within.

Motivational Monday Posts

Messages of inspiration and reminders to keep you uplifted even on the most daunting days. Check them out below:

Good Doings Campaigns

Our “Good DOings” are online campaigns that challenge you to give appreciation to the world around you, encourage small acts of selfless giving and dig deeper to find let your inner light radiate even more.

THE #iValue Campaign // 9.2016

The PEG Effect’s, iValue Campaign!

Here is how it works:

  • Today and for the next two weeks,  join The PEG Effect in sharing a picture of a loved one and a comment expressing the significance of that person in your life.
  • When posting use: #iValueCampaign #ThePEGEffect
  • Every few days we’ll randomly select an iValue Campaign post to share across The PEG Effect’s social channels.

We created the iValue Campaign to help remind us as that in times of great divisive rhetoric at every point we turn, human life is precious and there is still faith and love in humanity.

It takes only a few minutes to express selfless love and appreciation to those around us.

Please join us in closing out the summer with a positive, enlightening and uplifting way. Help us encourage future generations by showing the real value of love and humanity.

The PEG Effect Challenge // 9.2015

The PEG Effect Challenge // 9.2015


Starting Monday, 9/21 through Sunday, 9/27 we are encouraging YOU to share your act of selfless giving on Instagram using the #ThePEGEffectChallenge.

It’s really simple, whether you want to lend a dollar to someone in need, buy a cup of coffee for your friend or hold the door open for someone behind you. Take a moment and extend an act of love to someone else then share it with us!

You’ll get entered into a drawing to receive 6 Goodie Bag Mobiles- care-like packages of essentials for the homeless.

Checkout our Instagram page to view others participating in the challenge as well!

Remember, you never know how big of an impact a small selfless gesture can be.

-The PEG Effect Team

Say YES Challenge // 12.2015

The Say YES Challenge // 12.2015

Kick off the holiday season of giving with the #SayYes campaign and challenging you to finish off the year with gratitude and humility.

As we look back on the challenges and triumphs of 2015, the #SayYes campaign is helping you put it all into perspective. The holidays are known as the most giving time of year but it’s also the perfect time to not only reflect on the incredible gifts we already have but to look ahead at how we can give and be our best selves.


  1. On Monday Dec. 14th receive your first challenge of the #SayYes campaign.

  2. Keep your friends and family up-to-date by sharing your progress on social media using  #SayYes.

Week 1: The first phase of our the YES campaign: REFLECTION.

Reflecting allows us to look at our past experiences through the lens of our present moment and helps us define our vision and way forward. Once you have a clear vision, decision making becomes more deliberate.

The Task: Pick a word from the list below and spend this week REFLECTING on it through the steps described below. Then share the corresponding graphic attached to this email on Instagram with a brief description of what you discovered. Use #ThePEGEffect and #SayYes

1. Strength

2. Fulfillment

3. Love

4. Abundance

5. Humility

Spend a few minutes each morning REFLECTING or meditating how you want this word to influence your life for the week. In order to do this effectively we offer these PEG Effect Tips:

1. Write a short affirmation that will act as the guide during your REFLECTION exercise

2. Make it Personal, Positive, Present, Vivid and Emotional

Ex: It is deeply satisfying that I have abundance flowing freely yet actively through every aspect of my life.

3. Use this sentence to serve as your mantra or point of focus. If you find your mind drifting, gently restate your sentence to yourself.

Week 2: the second phase of the YES Campaign: INSPIRATION.

The Task: Find whatever inspires you and share that with us via Instagram. Use #ThePEGEffect and #SayYes


  1. The Source of inspiration
  2. Why it’s inspiring to you
  3. How it has impacted you

The final phase of the YES Campaign is here, and it’s all about: GIVING. Join the efforts of our members and donate to The PEG Effect or purchase a Goodie Bag Mobile (GBM).


GBM is simply a bag containing 30-days worth of hygienic necessities–toothbrush, toothpaste, wipes, deodorant, etc., that is kept in your car or with you while on the go, and can easily be handed to someone in need. 

2 Types of GBMs tailored to the specific needs of men and women:

  1. Blue: for male

  2. Pink: for female  

How To Donate:

3 Steps:

  1. Donate on our Crowdrise page

  2. Get a Goodie Bag Mobile delivered in the mail

  3. Give the SEALED Goodie Bag Mobile to whomever is in need.

The GBM is a reciprocal gift so please be sure NOT to open the bag. We want to insure the integrity of the materials inside.

And of course, share your experience of passing out the bags on Instagram. Use #GoodieBagMobile, #ThePEGEffect and #SayYes