Thankful Tuesday

It’s Thankful Tuesday and we want to acknowledge our amazing PEG Team, but also take this moment to thank all of you; our incredible supporters, partners, donors, social media followers and everyone who has been with us on our journey from the very beginning. From every hurdle that comes with starting a nonprofit, amazing corporate partnerships, every single Facebook like and repost, Instagram like and comment, we at The PEG Effect thank you for your continued support. 
Last year, The Peg Effect was thrilled to announce our official 501c3 status. For those of you who that don’t know, this means that we are officially acknowledged as a not-for-profit organization within the United States. While this status brings credibility to The PEG Effect on a national level, the most important benefit goes directly to all of you, our trusted supporters, by making all donations TAX DEDUCTIBLE! This ensures that you get the most out of your generous donations, from a penny to a dollar, by taking advantage of deducting your donation amount when you file your taxes every year. 
Here are some ways you can get a tax deductible donation:
1. Buy a Goodie Bag Mobile – You can get a month’s worth of supplies to donate to someone in need.  Keep one (or a few) handy in your car to donate on the go.

Two Goodie Bag Mobiles for Women

2. SUBSCRIBE! – Better yet, get a subscription to a monthly Goodie Bag Mobile. Always be prepared to share the gift of compassion by receiving a goodie bag mobile at your doorstep every month. Click here to subscribe!
3. DONATE! We’ll be collecting supplies for the following 6 weeks from April 10th to May 20th to reach our goal of distributing a full 200 (yes, you’re reading that correctly!) Goodie Bag Mobiles by May 20, 2017. All you need to do is click here and select the items and quantity you’d like to contribute— we’ll take care of the rest!