We Love to Give
Because We Give to Love

Our mission is simply to empower people through the cycle of giving.

Our Values

  • To Ensure the Long-Term Viability of our Mission
  • To Respect and Honor those We Serve and Each Other
  • To Practice Full Transparency with our Partners and Volunteers
Making the idea of giving back, easy.

Our Back Story…

The PEG Effect was founded by two childhood friends, Zeny Shifferaw and Teobesta Ashenafi. The idea sprouted in 2010 when the two recent college graduates shared stories of revealing, life-changing moments when traveling abroad. They brainstormed around different ideas but alas, the pressure of fresh college graduates seeking career stability superseded their larger goals. In 2012, Teo began a self-funded passion project to make an immediate impact on homelessness in Los Angeles. She used her 25th birthday as an opportunity to not only give back but mobilize her surrounding community to participate.

It was then that the GOODIE BAG Project came to life; It has since evolved into a biannual event supported by family, friends, celebrities and local community members.

Now The PEG Effect is breathing new life with the help of creative designer and friend Dennis E. Robinson, operating as an umbrella organization driven by the GOODIE BAG Mobile.

The official relaunch of The PEG Effect is May 15, 2015 and focused on raising funds to support the GOODIE BAG Mobile initiative.

Get involved and become a GOOD DOer today!

Meet the Team…

Teo Ashenafi


I was born in Ethiopia and raised in a large family, as a child I was surrounded by examples of living a life full of compassion, love and hard work. From the sacrifices my parents made to my grandmother never turning a blind eye to those in need, the lessons were abundant and they stuck with me. In 1995 I came to the states with my parents and siblings in search of better opportunity, although faced with the challenges of navigating an unfamiliar environment those same lessons never seemed to dissipate. It is these moral pillars of living life with unyielding compassion and hard work that continue to serve as my cornerstone and helped me navigate through achieving my B.S. in Biological Science.

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in my post baccalaureate years discovering myself through spiritual maturity. What I’ve found and continue to discover is how deeply rooted my passion is for helping people live their lives as the best expression of themselves, in every avenue. The PEG Effect represents everything purposeful I believe and moreover it inspires me to continue sharing love and compassion wherever I can. If you can’t find me hard at work on the PEG Effect, I’m likely at the nearby studio practicing Yoga.

Zeny Shifferaw

Public Relations Director

If there was one word to define me, it would be curious. I’ve always thrived in environments where I can learn and understand people, cultures and the challenges they face. I was raised in a space where creativity and curiosity were encouraged and honored. Both of my parents carried unique and equally challenging stories of migration to the U.S. and used their experiences to encourage my siblings and I – as first generation Americans – to seize every unique opportunity within reach. This has allowed me to approach many of life’s greatest obstacles with an open mind, heart and deep desire to seek the human connection I believe we all innately posses.

Stories have always moved me in a deep way, particularly those that never make the primetime news or front page paper. Those you can almost consider untold, those are the stories I’ve always been drawn to, it’s what inspires me and led me to a career in communications. We all have a narrative, a story to be told and one that is likely still being written. If we look back at the obstacles we’ve faced and think about how we overcame them, there is sure to be one or several people who come to mind that helped us along the way. This is why I’m energized and excited by The PEG Effect. Through small gestures we are helping someone redefine their personal narrative while also empowering others to get involved in an effortless way. I’m a firm believer in what unites us is by far much greater than that which divides us. What we leave behind when we are long gone from this physical world is not our resume but our immeasurable impact on humanity.

Dennis E. Robinson

Creative Director

I’ve always enjoyed volunteering my time and helping others. At an early age my mother instilled the idea of giving back to the community. She always had me involved in the local church food bank, clothing drive and various toy drives during the holidays.

With a passion for the arts, I’ve always loved using my God-given talents to provide support and assistance. I consider myself a seasoned graphic designer, with a unique creative eye. Since earning my BA in Visual Communications and Design from UC Davis in 2008, I’ve excelled in brand strategy and development. I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to work with a variety of clients in the greater Los Angeles area, from start up entrepreneurs to established modeling agencies. But there really is no greater reward than doing work that comes from deep within. There is a quote I choose to live by that was once said by my late great uncle, Jackie Robinson, “Life’s not important except the impact that it has on other lives.”

I’m excited to join the PEG Effect team and make a meaningful impact on other’s lives.